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item.headerCost reductionLess money spent on repairs and the building's future maintenance.
item.headerProperty value increaseThanks to constant maintenance, the property's price will increase.
item.headerEstablished relationship with contractorsYou won't have to search for and negotiate with repair contractors.

What's included

What's included
Technical audit
Building technical condition evaluation, defect detection, and drafting a plan for their elimination.
Technical maintenance
Maintaining the utility systems of the building and the existing equipment in good condition and at full performance.
Support for inspections
Participation in inspections and minimizing the communication between the management and the inspection services.
Infrastructure management
Ensuring the property's security, the safety of people and assets, and regular functioning of elevators, heating, and water supply systems.

What you get

How we work

Technical auditCreating the work sheetPreventive maintenance works scheduleStarting the works

Who might benefit

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Other services

Office management

We will supply your office with everything essential for it to run like clockwork without excessive supervision and provide a trained office manager to handle any of your requests.


Project Management

We'll find and prepare space tailored to your business' needs, design a layout, handle construction works, and put the space into operation fully on schedule.


Property management

We will increase your property's profitability: reduce the cost of operations and attract financially reliable tenants while handling accounting and communication with government agencies.

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