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item.headerSupport at every stepWe'll handle the entire process: finding the location, coordinating construction works, furnishing the property, and preparing for launch.
item.headerNo need for personal presence in GeorgiaImplementing the project doesn't require you to be present on-site or in the country. At the same time, you will get comprehensive work progress reports.
item.headerCompliance with all deadlinesWe guarantee to meet the deadlines of our work, as we understand the importance and urgency of the tasks that we face.

Frequent issues encountered when looking for business accommodations in Georgia:

It's hard to find a good place without knowing the city and the language
  • Real estate agents often send out offers that don't match your request
  • Offers on content aggregator websites are no longer relevant or nobody answers the given phone numbers
  • Landlords don't clearly formulate their offers, writing one thing in the ad and saying something completely different in person
  • Because of the long chain of agents, you're unable to contact the owner to discuss the lease terms directly
Picking out responsible contractors for renovation is even harder
  • Worker crews take on a part of the work but can't offer a full range of services from creating a draft to making final decorations.
  • Contractors give out rough estimates instead of precise budget calculations
  • They refuse to sign an agreement and ask for payment in cash
  • Furniture manufacturers require detailed blueprints and can't make them themselves
  • They're unable to show initiative, propose a solution, and save the client the headache called renovation, only following strict specifications
It's almost impossible to start a business at a new location on schedule
  • Engineering systems malfunction after installation, and contractors refuse to repair them.
  • The opening is delayed as contractors can't be bothered to finish the works.
  • The works started, but you can feel that something's wrong: the contractors lost one thing, didn't buy another, didn't provide for the third. You need someone to handle all those faults

We'll solve all your property problems turnkey

01Find a location
02Prepare the accommodations
03Put the property into operation

How we work

Finding the locationDrafting a design projectBudgetingOrganizing the worksProperty launch

Properties before and after our work

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Other services

Facility management

We will ensure the comfort, safety and sustainability of your real estate by providing its comprehensive maintenance, including technical audit, support for inspections, and infrastructure management.


Office management

We will supply your office with everything essential for it to run like clockwork without excessive supervision and provide a trained office manager to handle any of your requests.


Property management

We will increase your property's profitability: reduce the cost of operations and attract financially reliable tenants while handling accounting and communication with government agencies.

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