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This is exactly how the workday starts in most offices
With minor unsolved issues that affect the entire team's performance:
  • We've run out of coffee again!
  • The light bulb just blew out!
  • As usual, I can't find anything around here! Can't we get shelves or something?
  • The corners are always full of cobwebs! Is our cleaner even doing anything?

This is exactly how a workday starts in most offices - but there are places where things are different. Their secret is simple: they employ an office manager.
This person helps handle the workflow and administrative problems and solves many small but significant issues, freeing time for truly important tasks.

What we handle
Office manager's servicesFull-time or part-time presence
CleaningCleaning supervision in line with the service plan
Repairs and renovationsArranging emergency damage control and minor property and furniture renovations
HousekeepingArranging the delivery of water, utility goods, consumables, and food
Communication with outside stakeholdersSolving problems with resource providers, landlords, contractors, and suppliers
Prompt resolution of all employee concernsCarrying out administrative or utility-related employee requests

What our clients get

Office sizeCost of services (GEL, including VAT)*
up to 150 m²
150-250 m²
250-400 m²
400-600 m²
*The indicated cost is preliminary, it serves for a better understanding of our offer and for a rough comparison with your current costs. The final cost will be determined based on an individual service plan.
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Other services

Facility management

We will ensure the comfort, safety and sustainability of your real estate by providing its comprehensive maintenance, including technical audit, support for inspections, and infrastructure management.


Project Management

We'll find and prepare space tailored to your business' needs, design a layout, handle construction works, and put the space into operation fully on schedule.


Property management

We will increase your property's profitability: reduce the cost of operations and attract financially reliable tenants while handling accounting and communication with government agencies.

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