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There are three ways of managing real estate:

01 Do everything on your own

Often, owners decide to manage their property personally, hiring staff assistants, administrators, and technicians and supervising their work.
With time, however, owners get disappointed with this approach - and not just because constantly being a "one-man band" is exhausting. The main reason is finding out that the property isn't in the best condition, potential tenants somehow keep choosing your competitor, and the old ones start asking for a discount or move out. Administrators and assistants can't handle making decisions, and regulatory agencies put a pressure on their work.
That's when the thought comes - I need a manager!


02 Hire a staff manager

This option is picked by an owner who realizes that:
— handling everything on your own every day is too much of a headache;
— managing a real estate property requires special qualifications and knowledge.
This approach does make sense. The job market has highly competent professionals able to build an efficient system. However, there are a few problems:
— this person can always decide to leave the company, and if a skilled senior manager quits, be prepared for a part of the team to follow;
— even a qualified manager will have a view from inside a single property. Sometimes, it's not enough, especially during a crisis or when the property becomes obsolete and demands a change of concept;
— you'll still have to take part in fine-tuning the processes and supervise the employees, at least at first.

03 Delegate the property to a managing company

Usually, owners who have been working on the market for a long time are aware of the limitations of the two previous options. That's why they're looking for a managing company rather than a single manager.
This approach requires minimal engagement from the owner, and only while the property is handed over.
It will save you time and money on tuning the processes, as the managing company already has its own well-running mechanisms and work standards, which they adapt to every property.

Delegate the management of your commercial real estate to Jara Property

Your income will grow

We will make the most profitable lease agreements and increase rental rates in a timely manner depending on the real estate market analysis data

You won't have to search for tenants

We will find responsible and respectful tenants and control timely payment of rental fees

You won't have to worry about the property's condition

We will monitor the state of utility systems, ensure the safekeeping of the assets at the property, and arrange scheduled maintenance and regular cleaning

You can rest while your real estate works

We will handle legal and financial support, communication with government agencies, and payment of taxes

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Other services

Facility management

We will ensure the comfort, safety and sustainability of your real estate by providing its comprehensive maintenance, including technical audit, support for inspections, and infrastructure management.


Office management

We will supply your office with everything essential for it to run like clockwork without excessive supervision and provide a trained office manager to handle any of your requests.


Project Management

We'll find and prepare space tailored to your business' needs, design a layout, handle construction works, and put the space into operation fully on schedule.

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